Production Notes 2016

Like most of Europe, we had a very wet, cool spring and early summer. The water table was replenished. Flowering was delayed and we had to keep on top of any possible attacks of mildew. A wet start of the year was followed by a hot, dry summer. There was little wind, unusual for us as normally the wind gets up in the afternoons. No thunderstorms and no rain until 12/13th September. The vineyard held up surprisingly well helped by the rain earlier in the year. Only the younger vines with less well developed root systems suffered more.

The cooler, wetter spring meant that everything was delayed by at least two weeks. We tried picking some grape at Bandeiras at the beginning of September – the white, followed by the little bit of red we have but only really got going on Monday 19th September and with a large team managed to pick most of Bandeiras in 4 days!