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Passagem Red Grand Reserve

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The Idea

Quinta de Bandeiras is a 100 hectare property located on the River Douro near Pocinho right opposite the famous Vale Meão. Until Vale Meão became well known in its own right, its grapes went into producing Barca Velha, the Vega Sicilia of Portugal. So Bandeiras’s location couldn’t have been more perfect.
Bought by the Bergqvist family (Quinta de la Rosa), the wine is called PASSAGEM and is a joint venture between Jorge Moreira (wine maker) and the Bergqvists.

Grape Varieties

100% Touriga Nacional.

Tasting Notes

It is very interesting to compare the two different terroirs and regions of the Douro. The wines from la Rosa have a greater minerality whilst the Douro Superior produces fruitier, aromatic, more expressive wines. Jorge successfully manages to keep the freshness and balance in these.

Aromas still very youthful, where your first impression is of great freshness coming from an initial hint of mint, immediately followed by mature, deep blackcurrant and blackberry bouquets finishing with some spicy undertones. The years of ageing this wine hasn’t taken away its energy and vivacity but has given it, instead, a softness, all encompassing texture. The Passagem Grande Reserva is very elegant and long on the palate and neither shows the excesses of maturation nor the heaviness of the 2009 vintage.

We have kept this wine in our warehouses to launch it now, ready for drinking. It is an ideal moment to consume it for those who are looking for a Douro wine that has gained some age and complexity whilst maintaining the aromas and flavours of a young wine.

Production Notes

2009 was a very dry year with precipitation of less than 250mm between January and September. The first months of the summer were relatively cool but in August and September the temperatures rose quite substantially, accelerating the ripening of the vines so that we started picking quite suddenly and a week earlier than normal. It was a year with relatively high levels of sugar with a small drop in overall production.

Quality & Environment

We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA. We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drink our wines. We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.

Maturation and Bottling

The wine was matured in Allier French oak casks, mainly Francois
Freres, Taransaud and Seguin Moreau, for 18 months before being
bottled in 2011.